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Leisure Society presents the 14th Annual Wood Racquet Classic

It’s almost that time, so grow your mustaches, don your white shorts and vintages wears, and come hit the wooden racquet in the name of charity! We know you haven’t forgotten about the event of the summer, but just in case, you can get all details here! There is still time to RSVP, register to play, or donate to the silent auction at the Wood Racquet Classic over Labor Day Weekend (September 1 – September 2). What will you be wearing this year?

wood racquet classic

wood racquet classic

wood racquet classic

wood racquet classic

wood racquet classic


Retail Report / Dr. Hoff, Hoff Optometry

Nestled in the heart of Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney Boulevard  is one of Los Angele’s hippest areas for unique shopping, featuring home-grown artists and designers in a mix of modern chic and old school. We sipped the most delicious gin and tonics and spoke with Dr. Hoff of Hoff Optometry on Abbott Kinney to find out the very best in the neighborhood.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your practice? I am a 1992 Graduate of Southern California College of Optometry, Fullerton, CA, a 20 year Santa Monica resident, and 2 1/2 years on Abbot Kinney Boulevard – the perfect beach neighborhood, eclectic and friendly.
What are you always searching for perfection in? A margarita
Peace, culture, or adventure?  Peace, a quiet beach bike ride in the morning or at sunset.
Perfect souvenir? Shells or stones. I have a jar filled with vacation finds.
Favorite Beach? Ocean Park. Family oriented, clean with great views north and south. At the end of Ocean Park Boulevard.

Ocean Park Beach
, July 4th 1952, 2600 Barnard Way Santa Monica, CA 90405

Your favorite store? Tortoise – Japanese novelties

1342 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice CA 90291

Your favorite eatery? The Tasting Kitchen – small sharable plates, friendly staff

The Tasting Kitchen,
1633 Abbot Kinney Boulevard  Venice, CA 90291

Your favorite place to stay?Casa Del Mar – historic, quiet, on the beach!

Hotel Casa del Mar
1910 Ocean Way  Santa Monica, CA 90405

Thank you Dr. Hoff!


Calm Among Chaos: Finding Leisure in The City

We’re always on the road, always in a new city, and what’s always on our mind? Where can we find leisure in the city? Traveler, optician, and blogger Sarah H. of Optical Love Affair picks her favorite leisurely stops in the Big Apple, The Bay, and The Windy City.

Whether you’re in New York, San Francisco or Chicago, finding something fun, exciting, and culture-rich to do is never an issue. Hip bars, world-renowned museums, fabulous shopping, and lots of people, sometimes the reasons you love the city can be the same reasons you need an escape. Leisure Society designer, Shane Baum, recently shared his lifelong belief with me that “spending time with family and friends and enjoying intimate moments of absolute leisure” is the most important thing to him…he also added that while you can do that anywhere, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy yourself in some of the most beautiful places in the world. I can’t say I disagree and while we all wish we could jet set regularly, sometimes life can get in the way. Running out for coffee, texting while driving, and simultaneously catching up on your DVR while perusing Facebook and G-chatting, Shane’s assertion reminds us to slow down, relax, and enjoy the important things…even in the City.

Finding Leisure in New York
Whether you prefer a night at Brooklyn Bowl with friends or would rather hang by Turtle Pond after a morning at The Met, there is always something new to do around every corner of New York. As perfect as that bench across the street from Magnolia Bakery feels as you indulge in that huge slice of carrot cake and watch the world go by, the City, with all it’s perks, sometimes feels anything but leisurely. Just a quick drive to Pelham Bay (in the Bronx! Gasp!), the historic Bartow-Pell Mansion is the perfect afternoon getaway with family or friends. The mansion dates back to 1842 and while the structure itself is beautiful and you can enjoy a guided tour, the formal gardens where you can picnic and play are the main attraction. With the spirit of an 1800’s English country estate, you’ll feel not just miles, but centuries, away from the Big Apple. A sundress for her and rolled up chinos for him, all you’ll need is a blanket, some summer cashmere and Leisure Society’s Oxford frame. Whether you’re sporting specs or suns, the Oxford perfectly completes your garden worthy look. Oh, and did I mention how much better that Magnolia Bakery carrot cake tastes on a blanket with your sweetheart as you bask in the glow of 19th century architecture and blooming hydrangeas?

Bartow-Pell Mansion

Bartow-Pell Mansion
895 Shore Road Bronx, New York 10464

Finding Leisure in San Francisco
Cable car rides, lots of tourists, trips to China town and shopping in Union Square, San Francisco’s vibrant offerings can be exhilarating. In a city where frisbee in the park seems like a retreat, a Saturday on a boat in the Bay offers the perfect getaway from the city life. With wine country a stone’s throw away, a drive to Napa may seem like the obvious choice, but sometimes the hangover and overnight necessity can make that trip a chore. For an easy and leisurely escape that the whole family can enjoy, chartering a sail boat for the day is the perfect escape. With a breath of fresh air and the water under your feet, Leisure Society’s Brechin pairs perfectly with those boat shoes you’ll finally get to use on a boat. A frame with polarized lenses and just enough wrap to protect those baby blues from the elements, you’ll be voyage ready in chic shades that are perfect for him or her. Take a beat on a boat with your loved ones and find a little “leisure” time under the Golden Gate Bridge.

golden gate bridge
Sail beneath the Golden Gate Bridge

napa valley
Tour Napa Valley

Finding Leisure in Chicago
Tourist or resident, Chicago brings more to the table than just great hot dogs, deep dish pizza, Wrigley Field and Second City. In a city where young people reign, the work/social grind that takes you from the office to happy hour (and then maybe to an online dating site) isn’t always conducive to pausing for moments of leisure with family and friends. While the leisure life isn’t always the easiest to obtain when you’re working from 8 to 8 and riding the L to and from work daily, the hard work you put in during the week should be rewarded and with all of Chicago’s attractions, it’s not hard to find your own little oasis in the city. Intimate moments with your close friends are made even better when accented by sweet surroundings – and awesome shades, of course. Summertime in Chicago means the perfect chance to hit up rooftop restaurants. Chicago’s Zed451 is a prime spot for summertime rooftop indulging and The Terrace at Trump has views that are made even better when enjoyed with a cold one. Brunch in Leisure Society’s Pfeiffer or early appetizers in the Harvard, you will be blissfully unaware of tomorrow’s deadline and yesterday’s awkward encounter when you surround yourself with fabulous friends and adorn yourself in luxury eyewear.

739 North Clark Street  Chicago, IL 60654

the terrace at the trump

The Terrace at Trump 401 North Wabash Avenue  Chicago, IL 60611

Thank you Sarah!


A Stroboscopic Photo Documentation of Leisure Activities

Activities done in one’s leisure time are often filled with passion, an escape from life’s mundane or hectic routine. That time spent is precious, a fleeting moment to indulge in one’s personal joys, whatever they may be. If we could somehow stop time and plunge further into our own desires would those activities still be held with such significance?  These stroboscopic photographs conjure the unattainable slow down of life and serve as reminders to enjoy the pleasures of being human second by second.
stroboscopic leisure activities

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Aspen Food and Wine Classic

To mark the occasion of the infamous Aspen Food and Wine Classic, Leisure Society guests arrived in private jets from Salt Lake, San Francisco, Newport Beach and Dallas to experience a gourmet picnic created by Bouchon Bistro. Strewn on the lawn of a $45m mansion, Frette linens served as table clothes and wicker baskets kept the food fresh from the clear and warm Aspen skies. Guests had previously been on a ride through the Hunter Valley in a Rolls-Royce having been fitted with a pair of Leisure Society eyewear by designer Shane Baum….all in good spirits and celebration of the occasion. Continue to see more photographs




James Van Der Beek in Leisure Society

James Van Der Beek completed his dapper look with the Leisure Society Cambridge sunglasses in black/silver by Leisure Society, tweeting designer Shane Baum before his arrival to the 11th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree. The timeless collegiate frames are made with 100% pure titanium plated in 12 karat white gold accenting the bone enamel frames and designed temples, enhancing the retro style with a modern quality.

james van der beek leisure society sunglasses glasses

Jennifer Lawrence in Leisure Society

Truth be told, we have always had a thing for Jennifer Lawrence. Here she leaves a photo shoot in Beverly Hills wearing our favorite accessory, Leisure Society’s Oxford sunglasses in silver/bone. The classic unisex “P3” shape is made with 100% pure titanium plated in 12 karat white gold accenting the bone enamel frames and designed temples, which enhances the retro style with a modern quality. She completes the outfit with The Reformation Citrine Dress, her Jimm Choo Bonbon bag, and classic Havaianas Slim Flip Flops.